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Gun & Dog has 26% protein and is suitable for active adult working dogs including gun dogs, sheep dogs or agility trials dogs.

  • For hard working dogs
  • With added joint aid for young forming bones and older joints
  • 26% Protein, 13% Oil for stamina and endurance
  • Chelated Zinc for its role in healing
  • Calcium to keep bones and teeth strong
  • High meat content



Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives (36% Beef), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Oils and Fats, Minerals, Bakery Products, Contains EC permitted Antioxidant, Preservatives


Additives Per KG

Zinc Chelate 167mg, Manganese Oxide 40mg, Vitamin A 22000iu, Vitamin D3 2000IU, Copper 20mg, Calcium 2.46mg, Selenium 0.22mg, Zinc Oxide 139mg



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